The Aldar HQ building is a 121m tall, 23 storey commercial building located in the Al Dana business district on the exclusive Al Raha Beach development in Abu Dhabi.

The groundbreaking building represents a fusion of tradition and modernity, with the striking circular shape symbolising unity and stability. The building’s diagrid concept largely eliminates the need for internal columns, which would compromise the aesthetic appeal of both the external building as well as the views from within.
This steel diagrid is the first of its nature in the UAE and showcases Arup’s leading edge approach to structural design in the region. The project was developed in line with the US Green Building Council LEED rating system.

  • A unique structure, circular in elevation.
  • The external diagrid provides an almost column free internal environment.
  • By taking ownership of the geometry of the building form, Arup was able to reduce the number of individually sized glass panels from over 10,000 to 10.

The project also adopts a subterranean vacuum wastecollection system which transfers the waste directly to a local waste transfer station for recycling and compacting, eliminating the need for refuse collection vehicles. This system is the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi.


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